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For over 24 years, Maryam Parman has been helping the community by providing thoughtful, and proven personal injury legal representation. She puts her clients at the heart of each of her cases and fights for justice following their injury or accident.

Maryam’s approach is different from other attorneys, as she gets to know each of her clients personally. She feels that this approach is not only what allows her to represent her clients best, but is the foundation for her 99% success rate and her milestone of recovering over $1 Billion for her clients.

Maryam Parman is an attorney who leads the pack and has successfully represented clients with cases that other attorneys turn down. As the female injury attorney who is a leader for all personal injury lawyers, Maryam’s approach has changed the lives of tens of thousands injured people and their families.


As the founding attorney of Avrek Law Firm, Maryam built one of the most accomplished personal injury law firms in California. Her law firm’s success has continued to expand across the nation and Maryam’s best-in-class legal team is now fighting for justice on behalf of injured victims in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. In 2022 she will be offering legal services to Texas.


Maryam’s decades of experience fighting against big insurance stems from her belief that the average person shouldn’t be taken advantage of by large corporations. Since insurance companies are “in the business of making money,” as Maryam says, many times she finds that they are finding ways to deny their obligations to the injured. Maryam holds big insurance responsible, gives a voice to the everyday person, and helps her clients commence on their road to full recovery from their injuries.


Being a single-mother, Maryam has felt a calling to serve the families of injured children. With this calling as her guiding force, Maryam founded the Maryam Parman Foundation for Injured Children which aims to provide services to children who have been affected by catastrophic injuries. Her foundation has served these families by providing therapy, in-home nursing, medical devices, handicap accessibilities and more.


Maryam’s extensive experience representing victims of catastrophic and other traumatic events inspired her to become a board member for the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP), which is a group of trained volunteers who respond to traumatic incidents to support victims and their families in the hours following a tragedy. Being a leader in the personal injury world has given Maryam a full understanding of the experience that these individuals go through when a tragedy strikes and allows her to guide them through this difficult path.


While Maryam was born in Tehran, Iran, her family immigrated to the United States and planted their roots in California when Maryam was a teen. Growing up in East Los Angeles, Mayam’s California pride, love of sports and sun, and understanding of the complexities of the California freeways and commute have helped her not only fight for her clients more effectively, but even understand their needs and concerns on a more personal and authentic level.


With numerous TV features, guest appearances, and programs, Maryam has taken her clients and community on a journey with her as she talks about holding big insurance accountable, winning injury cases that other lawyers won’t take, and her commitment to her community. She is one of TV’s favorite and most trusted lawyers.


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