Galen  Hair

Hair Shunnarah Trial Attorneys/Insurance Claim HQ
Hair Shunnarah Trial Attorneys/Insurance Claim HQ
3540 S I-10 Service Rd West Ste 300, Metairie, LA 70001 United States

Galen M. Hair, an aggressive and relentless litigator, is licensed in multiple states and boasts clients from around the world. With large wins both at home and across the country and an impressive record of favorable results, Mr. Hair gained a reputation for getting the job done both inside and outside the court room early on in his career.

He focuses exclusively on first-party property casualty with multi-million dollar results for those that have been underpaid by insurance companies. At the helm of one of the country's fastest growing law firms, he focuses on results and people - not numbers. His clients are family and it shows.

No case is too large and no case is too small. Utilizing his knowledge in the field of property casualty and bad-faith laws, he can often represent an insured and leave them without a deficit to restore himself or herself to pre-loss condition.

Mr. Hair is a best-selling author and literally wrote the pick on property casualty claims. His book Picking Up the Pieces: Surviving Your Property Insurance Claim has helped thousands recover from disaster.

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