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Claire Risoldi lived larger than life — and her bank account.

She was a prominent socialite and fundraiser for county Republican politicos at her mansion outside of Philadelphia. Risoldi’s prolific spending impelled her to steal $20 million of insurance money after a fire swept through her family’s 5,600-foot mansion. She loaded up on dodgy claims for jewelry, a large ceiling mural, draperies and other bling.

Risoldi finally landed hard. Investigators found a long trail of bloated claims that convinced a jury she needs serious jail time.

Accused firefighters of stealing jewelry

Fittingly, the 10-acre family estate was called Clairemont. She needed the insurance money to keep her lavish party life going.

Mysterious fires broke out at Clairemont multiple times. Risoldi was never charged with arson, though she piled up sooty fire claims afterward.

Her biggest insurance gambit involved $10 million of supposedly stolen jewelry after the third and final fire in October 2013. Risoldi inflated the policy from $100,000 on two pieces of jewelry to more than $10 million for 55 pieces —  just three months before that fire. She forged jewelry appraisal documents, repeatedly misspelling the word “jewelry.”

Source: Fraud of the Month: Socialite steals $20 million after mansion burns | PropertyCasualty360

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